Customised activities for the young generation

Long Beach is a uniquely family-friendly resort. It provides distinct areas for adults and the younger generations, to everyone’s full enjoyment. For kids and teens, only waiting to get into the action, a full-fledged programme, with different activities daily, is designed to keep up with their vivacity, their predilection for change, their liking for fun and challenge and the need to connect with peers of the same age, sharing common interests. Meanwhile, adults can engage in their own activities, retreat to quiet spaces or indulge in lavish nature and sea-inspired spa treats.


From 10 am to 10 pm, Angels Kids Club provides a swimming pool, amenities as well as an imaginative menu of recreational and creative activities tailor-cut for ages 2 to 11. The club also welcomes children of 1-2 years under parent or babysitter supervision. For tots and toddlers, professionally trained nannies can be called upon for care services. For teens, aged 12-17 years, Waves Teens Club is the ideal hideout with peers to engage in sports and leisure activities or even enjoy evening get-togethers, including beach barbecues and pizza nights.